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The Rise of the Role-Playing Shooter

If you’re not already quite excited about upcoming supernatural steampunk shooter Dishonored (American spelling, obvs), then you probably should be. With an interesting array of powers and some impressively open-ended design principles on display, the game could be a welcome … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Bizarre Videogame Special Editions

The free market is premised upon the fundamental building blocks of supply and demand: if people want something, then the market must seek to cater for that want. This implacable capitalist logic comes undone, however, when you see a product … Continue reading

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On Cheats and Cheating

Whatever happened to cheats in videogames? In the good old days, if you wanted a little helping hand while playing a game, it usually involved punching in a staggeringly complex sequence of buttons, and then suddenly you’d have unlimited ammo … Continue reading

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Power To The People

If gamers are not necessarily famed for their eloquence, then the rest of the world certainly recognises the terrifying, earth-shattering passion gamers have for their art. In press releases and interviews developers will speak reverently of the “fans” or of … Continue reading

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Graphic Content

Like the girl from mawkish teen drama She’s All That after she scrubs up a bit and loses the dorky glasses, videogames have never looked better. With all the technical might of current-generation consoles, games are capable of looking pretty … Continue reading

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The Secret Political Agendas of Videogames

We live in an age where even a film with characters made of felt can be considered propaganda. No doubt you will have stumbled upon this recent news report from Fox News anchor Eric Bolling accusing feel-good nostalgia behemoth The Muppets of brainwashing our … Continue reading

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Criminal Intent

And we’re back. Apologies for the lack of posts recently, but some enterprising youths recently liberated me of my valuable electronic items and I’ve only recently replaced the pilfered devices. The moral of the story: get locks on your bedroom … Continue reading

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