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On Torture

This is a story I’m not sure I should tell. When we were in the acne-ravaged grip of adolescence, my friend and I would play The Sims. You know, the delightfully pedestrian mundanity simulator, where you create spindly doppelgangers of … Continue reading

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The Fraudience Game of the Year: Deus Ex Human Revolution

An accolade that will soon (read: never) rank with the most prestigious and coveted awards in any entertainment medium, I have given the first ever Fraudience GOTY award to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Also winner of the Fraudience Pointiest Chin … Continue reading

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Marketing Lessons From Dead Island

Veteran botherers of the undead will find that Dead Island plays a bit like the greatest hits collection of zombie games, combining the co-op of Left 4 Dead, the open-world gameplay and custom weapon building of Dead Rising 2, even … Continue reading

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Bulletstorm: Drop-Kicking Parody Into A Cactus

I think any art form officially comes of age when it adds parody and satire to its intellectual arsenal, but gaming’s brief forays into satire, however, have been minimal at best. The Metal Gear Solid franchise has often toyed playfully … Continue reading

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