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Mass Effect 3

This week’s spoiler warning is brought to you by two dudes who are the same person. I often bore my friends and loved-ones with gratuitous praise for Mass Effect 2, but my fondness for the game stems from the fact … Continue reading

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“It’s not a lake–it’s an Ocean”: Interpreting the Final Words of Alan Wake

Storytelling must, by definition, be linear. Not linear in the sense that the plot must proceed with a unidirectional motion in time from point A to point B and so on, but in the sense that a plot is a … Continue reading

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Poor Videogame Endings Of Our Time: Enslaved

Is it even necessary to say they’re going to be spoilers in this? Enslaved: Odyssey to the West has to be one of the games I enjoyed most in 2010. It is a beautiful game, both technically and artistically, and … Continue reading

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