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Casting Call: Max Payne 3

Making a movie out of a videogame is pretty much always going to be a terrible idea, as anyone who remembers the Max Payne film of 2008 can verify. But with the return of the gritty noir shooter series to consoles in a … Continue reading

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8 Videogame Characters Horrifically Unsuited To Their Jobs

Sometimes the fates must call upon a chosen hero to fight the battle against the forces of darkness. History is full of stories about men and women destined for greatness, people have been training their whole lives to accept the … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Bizarre Videogame Special Editions

The free market is premised upon the fundamental building blocks of supply and demand: if people want something, then the market must seek to cater for that want. This implacable capitalist logic comes undone, however, when you see a product … Continue reading

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Show Me The Funny

Amidst all of brain-beguiling first person puzzler Portal 2’s many achievements, the greatest is perhaps that the game manages to be so damn funny. My playthrough of Valve’s 2011 masterpiece was rudely interrupted by some misguide hoodlums recently, so I’ve … Continue reading

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