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Time is on my side

I’m fifteen. I spend an entire Christmas break off school playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Two glorious weeks of murder, carjacking and ramping dirt bikes into the back of a cargo plane mid-take off, killing everyone aboard with a … Continue reading

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Wish You Were Here: An Ode To Great Videogame Vistas

I often give game graphics a hard time because I believe the dogged technological pursuit of hyper-advanced visuals can be harmful to gaming’s attempts as a medium to grow in other meaningful directions. Videogames, however, are essentially about letting you … Continue reading

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Videogame Auteurs: Will Wright

There are some games that resist explanation, eluding our impulse to define or categorise them. Obsession with genre is an affliction that the gaming world shares with pretty much every other art form around, and when a game or a … Continue reading

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Some of Them Want to be Newsed by you: The Weekly Round-up

Black Ops 2 misunderstands the meaning of the phrase “Cold War” So it turns out my predictions on what the next Call of Duty game was going to be were wrong. Yes, Activision have truly broken the mold and announced … Continue reading

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Casting Call: Max Payne 3

Making a movie out of a videogame is pretty much always going to be a terrible idea, as anyone who remembers the Max Payne film of 2008 can verify. But with the return of the gritty noir shooter series to consoles in a … Continue reading

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8 Videogame Characters Horrifically Unsuited To Their Jobs

Sometimes the fates must call upon a chosen hero to fight the battle against the forces of darkness. History is full of stories about men and women destined for greatness, people have been training their whole lives to accept the … Continue reading

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We Bought A News: The Weekly Round-up

Valve are the Google of shooting dudes in the face It’s perhaps fitting that the creators of Portal would have an employee manual that reads like a document from Aperture Science. Valve’s Handbook for New Employees surfaced the other day, … Continue reading

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