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Wish You Were Here: An Ode To Great Videogame Vistas

I often give game graphics a hard time because I believe the dogged technological pursuit of hyper-advanced visuals can be harmful to gaming’s attempts as a medium to grow in other meaningful directions. Videogames, however, are essentially about letting you … Continue reading

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Looking back at 2011

2011 was a year in which gaming started to feel like it was repeating itself, a record skipping and endlessly looping the same line. It was the point at which I started to feel we’ve heard this stuff a bit … Continue reading

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Bulletstorm: Drop-Kicking Parody Into A Cactus

I think any art form officially comes of age when it adds parody and satire to its intellectual arsenal, but gaming’s brief forays into satire, however, have been minimal at best. The Metal Gear Solid franchise has often toyed playfully … Continue reading

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